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Meet The Team

Team AppendTech is what makes AppendTech, AppendTech
We are so many but we act as one AppendTech

Rony Banik (Arko)

Team Lead

Specialize in web Application and complex software Designing. Language of preference PHP, JAVA, C#. Server Administration is his thing.

Shubrata Sarker (Koushik)

Project Manager

He gets his hands dirty with different CMS's and loves to experiment with things which are of course related to Programming and SEO

Athoi Rahman


He loves PHP and works specifically with WordPress CMS and Laravel Framework.

Rezoan Rahman

Business Analyst and Growth Hacker

He can't think straight, always finds a way out with his innovative ideas which always fills the air around him with a great sense of humor.

Jeff Thomas


Designing things takes a lot of energy and imagination while also keeping the product and users in mind and this Guy knows his stuff very well

Amit Borua

SEO Manager

Being an SEO manager Amit has gained and developed a lot of SEO techniques which helps our clients to stay ahead on search results

You ?

Android Developer

This could be you! We are looking for an Android Developer actively so if you think you are a good fit apply now.

You ?


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P: +8801674959515